This Article is about how to clean a hamster cage. One of the major responsibilities that come with owning Dwarf Hamsters (Any any other rodent) is regular cleaning out of their cage or habitat. How regularly you need to clean out the cage depends on a few factors.

  • Number of Animals
  • Size of Cage
  • Hamsters Toilet Habits

The Best Safe Hamster Cage Cleaners

It is imperative to use a cage cleaning spray that is marketed and designed for the small-animal market. These cleaners are designed to be safe for animals as well as being functional. Removing dirt & embedded cage odors while not leaving behind any strong perfumes or chemicals that could potentially poison a hamster.

We have listed some of the best cage cleaners available for your convenience.

Cage CleanerFeatures
Nature's Miracle Cage Cleaner - Easy to use spray cleans and deodorizes with a safe natural enzyme formula. Penetrates deep to eliminate embedded, cage odors.
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Johnson's Clean & Safe - Kills viruses and bacteria in areas where hamsters and other small animals live, sleep and feed. Great to safely clean out hamster cages.
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Kaytee Clean Cage - Fresh smelling cleaning spray safely cleans and deodorizes cages for fast acting and long lasting results. Safe to use for small animal cages.
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A general rule of thumb to do a major clean out is once a week for one Syrian Hamster and a couple of Dwarf Hamsters.

Zoo Zone Cage

Zoo Zone Cage

Daily Cleaning – Cleaning your Hamster Cage Daily

You can keep your hamster home in a good state by doing a daily spot clean. Remove any uneaten food –  especially fresh food. If your hamster is ‘toilet trained’ you can replace the hamster litter from the bathroom area daily or the corner of the cage used for the bathroom can be scraped away with a trash scraper.

Make sure your hamster is in a safe place

Remove your Hamsters from the cage and put them in a safe place while you clean their cage. Putting your furry friend in a small hamster playground or a box would be an idea. The weekly clean-out can be an occasion for your hamsters to look forward to.

Remove Housing and Accessories & Clean

Remove all the housing and accessories and scrape away all the wood shavings and bedding from the cage. Clean the cage with hot water and a mild soap, or a dedicated pet friendly soap. Hamsters mark their territory with sebaceous glands and have a very sensitive sense of smell, so big beach or detergents could disturb them.  Use hot water and mild soap to clean the food bowl and accessories. Empty the water bottle and rinse out a few times with fresh water.

A Pet-friendly cleaning spray such as Kaytee Clean Cage is ideal.

Replace Housing and Accessories Each Clean Out

Replace the housing and accessories with a different set every time you clean your hamster out. It is nice for your hamster to have a different set up with regards to toys and tubes, it adds some variety to their lives. Retain a small piece of their old bedding and place it back in the nesting area with the clean bedding. It replaces their scent back in the nest and settles them.
Remember – A Hamster in a clean environment is a happier and healthier hamster